Los Angeles, California

LA_County_Incorporated_Areas.svgSomebody went from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California for $174.61…  Okay, you can see what’s in Ohio in this earlier post: https://blog.militaryfares.com/category/ohio/ .  So now the question is, What’s in Los Angeles?

In particular, the county…not in city.  Yep, in case you didn’t “realize” it (like me), there is a Los Angeles County–which includes Los Angeles, the city.  According to some basic Wikipedia information , there are over 80 incorporated cities and many other unincorporated areas within the county as well.  The size of Los Angeles County is larger than many states when compared individually.  That’s amazing.

Image: Google/Wikipedia

Some of the well know cities in the county are:  Beverly Hills, Compton, Inglewood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Pomona, and Santa Monica.  If you visit and want to drive around,  a complete list of cities can be found on this Wikipedia Page.  You could probably spend a couple of days driving around the county just exploring the cities found on the list.  Traveling from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to cruising the beach front in Long Beach, to the other beach in Malibu and beyond, you’ll discover that there’s a lot to see and do in the county of Los Angeles.

Of course, this would probably be best enjoyed as a road trip being that your itinerary would encompass several cities.  But there is nothing that says you can’t fly in to a city, rent a car, and let your adventure begin from there. (If you need tickets, I should have to say it, but I will… (smile) Check us out at www.MilitaryFares.com.   We have information for renting cars too!

Terrain and Camping

The county, as a whole, encompasses approximately 70 miles of Pacific Ocean Coastlines, mountain ranges, valleys, forests, desert, rivers, lakes and even a few islands over sum 4,751 square miles.  To take in and enjoy all of this beauty, there are several hotels and lodging places to stay.  For those of you with RV’s –yes!  You are covered.  Check this RV Park page for facilities, locations, rules and regulations.  This will be helpful in determining where to park, where to stay and how best to plan your travel while visiting the area.

I researched the military bases in the area and instead of trying to list and discuss each, I found a page and posted the link here so you could explore the information and investigate further.   Yes, there is homework (and assignments in this post). Military Installations in Los Angeles County Past & Present.

Although some of the locations are closed and have been for quite a while, you still might have the opportunity of visiting the historical sites and maybe get some great pictures and capture a bit of history.


For the county as a whole, it looks like yearly temperatures can dip from the mid 30’s to the mid 80’s.  So bring a jacket just in case… (you can always take it off.)  🙂  This is just a practice I’ve gotten used to.  Because in some places weather changes quickly and it’s always better to have and not need; than to need and not have.  Happy Travels!




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