For August Holidays Discover The Best Places To Travel With Military Tickets

August is fast approaching and with it, your thoughts and your saved PTO will undoubtedly be turning into that need vacation. This is a great time to enjoy and explore the Northern hemisphere as you’re almost guaranteed warm weather.

But how do you choose which place to visit? It’s actually much simpler than you think:

  1. Check out the discounted rates you can get with military tickets for the August holidays, this will narrow your search area.
  2. Think about what you like doing most, hiking, surfing, lying on the beach?
  3. Check out the following vacation destinations and get a booking!


It may not be the first destination that comes to mind but this is great if you’re looking for an adventure and love being outdoors.

This is the right time of year to take a boat trip and see whales, you’ll see bears on land and can try your hand at kayaking along the many waterways.

You’ll need to check out the Denali National Park to see bald eagles, Dall sheep, and over 200 other types of wildlife!

The size of the adventure is completely up to you.

The Azores

For something a little different consider just off the coast of Portugal, you’ll find some stunning lakes, amazing flora and fauna, and a surprisingly peaceful environment.

These volcanic islands are not that well known yet, allowing you to feel almost like you’re on a deserted island, especially as you explore crater lakes across the islands.

However, the weather can change rapidly here, pack clothes for every possibility!


If you’re hoping to keep it all American and you appreciate art then this is the place to be. This area has been a center for world-class art since 1999 and is growing rapidly in popularity and the array of facilities.

To mix it up a little, you’ll only be a 3-hour train ride from Boston or New York!


Copenhagen is regularly voted one of the best places to live in the world and it’s a great place to spend your summer. The weather is generally mild, there is an abundance of small cafes and bars, and the culture is both vibrant and laid back.


Dubrovnik is becoming extremely popular, visiting in August will mean there are plenty of people jostling for space. But this year sees the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival if you want to enjoy varied music, dance, and some theatre this is the place to be in August.

You’ll also be able to check out the city of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and worth visiting even if you’re not a GOT fan.

Ho Chi Minh City

If you want to try something completely different then check out this city in Vietnam. Warning, this is the wet season so pack accordingly!

The fact that you’ll have showers means the prices will be cheaper and you’ll find some great deals at the street markets. These are the places where you can try out your haggling skills while getting some great local produce.

Los Angeles

Should you prefer to stay in the US then your military tickets for the August holidays can take you to LA, a city that needs no introduction.

Grab a studio tour, look for celebrities, and enjoy some unique cocktails while watching some pretty impressive sunsets.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to appreciate the arts and shopping here.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Just get away from it all and soak up the sun on the golden sand on these islands. The islands have almost completely recovered from the devastating hurricanes of 2017 and are welcoming visitors back. Of course, August does present the risk of more hurricanes….

You don’t just have to lie on the beach, you can enjoy the local scene, do some snorkeling, or test out your kayaking skills.

The options are all yours, all you have to do is grab your military tickets for August holidays and enjoy yourself.