The Best Summer Vacations In The USA

The US is a huge country. This means it has the perfect spot for every type of vacation. Whether you’re looking to take a military flight, get military flights discount or simply use your vehicle to drive; you need to know the best destinations for your summer vacation:

Tucson – Arizona

Enjoy the heat of the summer in Tucson where temperatures can reach 100°. This means you’ll be relaxing during the day and hiking in the evening; effectively becoming one with nature.

Santa Barbara – California

Just round the corner from Los Angeles, you’ll find a laid-back mecca. Golden beaches mix with stylish eating establishments and evening entertainment; making it one of the best vacation spots in the USA.

Ithaca – New York

As soon as the summer arrives so does the party feel to the Finger Lakes region. Enjoy the local farmers market, dine in the famous Moosewood Restaurant and try out some water-based activities.

Oregon Coast

This is one spot you can enjoy at any time of the year; the climate is always mild. This is great for exploring the oceans and the forests; or enjoying the local food on offer.

San Juan Islands

If you want to visit somewhere with very few cars and where the mountains literally melt into the sand; then this is the place to be.

Northern Vermont

This is an amazing place to visit in winter and in the summer! The scenery is stunning but it’s the culture and the wineries that will really entice you.


Cape Cod has always been a popular summer destination. This sleepy town offers water sports, culture and experiencing the local culinary delights. You will not be disappointed.


Take a trip to the edge of the Tennessee River and enjoy some water sports in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains.

The locals are welcoming and the area has a decided café style culture; providing the perfect spot to recuperate.

Glacier National Park

If you want snow in July then this is the place to go!

It offers spectacular wild open spaces and some of the best scenery in the world. Book your next vacation now!

Lancaster County

This is farming country and is a culinary delight for your summer vacation. You can visit one of the excellent local farmers’ markets, check out the local breweries and wineries; or simply relax and enjoy a wine or beer festival.

There is always something to do!

It doesn’t matter if you drive, get a commercial flight or go with flights for the military; just make sure you pick a spot and enjoy your summer vacation. You’ve earned it.