The Best Way To Celebrate US Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is always celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of May. It is designed to honour all military personnel and was first established in 1949 by the Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson.

This is a great opportunity to take flights with a military discount, see your family and celebrate this important day.

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate:

Military Air Show

You’ll find these take place across the country during the second half of May. Select an air show from the list available online or check out your local media.

Then book your military airfare and check them out. You may even get to see the legendary Blue Angels!

Local Celebrations

You can check the US Department of Defence website to locate the celebration closest to where you are!

Military plane tickets can even take you as far as Seattle where you can experience the longest running Armed Forces Parade.

If you find a celebration with an open house you can actually talk to serving personnel, express your gratitude and find out more about them.

Take In A Parade

There are 100’s of different parades going on across the country. You may want to get there early to enjoy the best possible spot and don’t forget the camera!

The parade will usually be followed by parties in the vicinity or you can organize your own street party; especially if you know someone who is serving and is using one of the flights for a military to get back to you!

Try Something New

As well as attending the celebrations you can embrace a new tradition.

The aim of this is to let the Armed Forces know that you’re thinking of them and appreciate their efforts.

A care package can be boxed up and sent to any armed forces bases; just be sure to comply with the conditions of posting. If a package is too much you can simply send a thank you card for yourself, your friends and even your neighbourhood.

Don’t Forget The Flag

Check the guidelines for displaying the flag in your area and then do so with pride! This is more than just a symbol of Armed Forces Day; this is a symbol of the United States of America!

Involve Your Children

It is essential that the efforts of the armed forces are recognized by your children. You can help them to appreciate the job they do by making flags and other patriotic items together. It is also a good idea to give them a simple education into the role of the armed forces.