Get Cheap Military Flights To The Best US Small Towns

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Small towns are often overlooked when choosing a vacation destination but you can get cheap military flights in the US and experience some true gems.

The following list of small towns may surprise you, but every one of them is accessible using military airfares in the US and they will give you just as good a vacation as the bigger cities.

In fact, sometimes the small towns can actually beat the big cities at their own game!

Grand Marais, Minnesota

There are just 1,339 people living in this small town at the edge of Lake Superior. But it’s also the place to find the world’s best doughnuts, art deco-Cree Indian dining experiences and purchase a variety of items made exclusively in Minnesota; such as teak spoons or canoe paddles.

You can also take a look at all the art studios, try out some of the skills yourself and enjoy a little glamping.

Just don’t forget to allow enough time for the hike to Devil’s Kettle Falls; they’ve only recently discovered where it goes.

Park City, Utah

There are 8,000 inhabitants of this small town just outside Salt Lake City. It’s known as a skiing resort but cheap military flights in the US here are worth considering at any time of the year.

Check out the hot air balloons filling the sky in autumn or test your biking skills at the nearby 700-acre nature area; Round Valley.

You can always challenge your driving skills with the Guardsman Pass to really see the countryside. The town itself is full of character, shops, cafes and restaurants to appeal to everyone. You may even be surprised by the array of food choices.

Lambertville, New Jersey

With just 3,812 inhabitants this is one of the smallest small towns on this list. But you can dive across the river and check out New Hope as well; there are another 2,500 people living there.

Check out an indie film at the Acme Screening room or look in Panoply Books for some rare titles. There’s some delicious brisket on offer, several quirky art galleries and an impressive auction house started by David Rago.

You can also enjoy kayaking, cycling, horseback riding or even fishing on the river where the town sits.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

There is a 67ft statue known as Christ of The Ozarks which is based on the Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer. It’s attracted Christians from all over the world.

You can enjoy the religious festivals in October and check out the impressive Victorian architecture in downtown Eureka Springs. There’s even an old spa house.

With a good selection of accommodation and the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on the doorstep, you are certain to have an enjoyable stay.

Talkeetna, Alaska

With just 876 people this is almost too small to be considered a town! But, in the season there are climbers, cruise ships, and general vacationers.

Check out the Denali National Park and the Talkeetna depot; it’s easier to admire them in the offseason (after September). There’s a good range of food outlets and the opportunity to discover the history of gold mining and homesteading in this area.  

Don’t forget to check out the Dancing Leaf Gallery for authentic Alaskan souvenirs and art. You’ll also appreciate the ATV tour of the Alaska Wilderness Adventure.

Beaufort, North Carolina

This small town is huge; it has over 4,000 inhabitants! In fact, it’s actually the third largest town in North Carolina.

The end of September is a great time to get cheap military flights in the US to visit the craft beer festival. You can also check out the community-wide jumble sale in the middle of November.

It’s worth taking a look at the maritime museums to see the artefacts from the Queen Anne’s Revenge and then check out the oldest cemetery in Beaufort before you try some shell hunting.

You may also want to try out the hiking trails, one of which can only be walked at low tide. The wild birds on this route are truly amazing.

Wherever you choose to get cheap military flights in the US, make sure one of these small towns is on your list. It will be an experience like no other.