Cheap Military Flights For The Responsible Traveler

cheap military flights

The ability to get cheap military flights means that there is an abundance of destinations open for your next vacation. However, if you want these impressive spots to remain in existence in the future you need to become a responsible traveller.

It is worth noting that just because you have access to cheap military flights it doesn’t mean the environmental impact on those flights is any less than one at a standard price. Let’s be realistic, travelling and exploring the world is a fascinating and incredibly rewarding experience but you do need to be aware of your impact on the planet. Specifically, you should know how to be a responsible traveller.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you shouldn’t be leaving your litter behind; there should never be any trace that you have passed through.

This is demonstrated perfectly by the residents of Tokyo where bins have been banned on the streets to reduce safety threats. The people of the city simply carry their own paper bag with them and take their garbage home.

This is something you should adopt wherever you are in the world.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic is filling the oceans and landfill causing injury and death to many different types of wildlife. In addition, it is slowly choking our planet. A simple step you can take is to carry your own paper or cloth bag; your purchases and other essentials can be placed in this.

It’s also a good idea to avoid buying anything in a plastic container unless the plastic is bio-degradable.

You should take this a step further and avoid drinking with straws as these are plastic and usually not bio-degradable.


When you’re travelling it is very easy to grab a bottle of water on the go, after all you do need to stay hydrated. However, water bottles are made out of plastic which is not good for the environment. In addition, you shouldn’t reuse these bottles as this has been linked with an increased risk of cancer.

Instead, buy a hard plastic reusable water bottle and carry it with you.

Electric Usage

It can be tempting to stand under a hot shower for a long time, especially after a hard day travelling or making the most of your cheap military flights. However, you should be considering the amount of electricity you are using. This can be costly and polluting.

Reduce the time you spend in the shower and only plug things in when you really need them.

Local Is Best

When you’re exploring the world you can support the locals by using the facilities they are offering. Purchase your food locally and use local guides while visiting local artisans. Not only will you be supporting the local infrastructure you will also be likely to discover things that the average tourist doesn’t see.

Minimize Luggage

Keeping your luggage small makes t easier to get on and off the plane and reduces the chances of you losing your luggage. Of course, smaller luggage also means less fuel is needed to transport you where you want to go; regardless of the travel method.

Travelling is a great way to unwind and cheap military flights make it extremely affordable, just make sure you leave the destination ready for the next visitor.