Discover These Amazing Armed Forces Facts

Here’s one armed force fact that you should know, armed forces day is 19 May this year. It is always celebrated on the third Saturday in May.

There are many armed forces facts that you might not be aware of, now is a good time to discover them all:

  • The first Armed Forces day had a theme of ‘Teamed for defence.
  • The day is celebrated through the display of military skills on land, air and sea. It shows just how impressive US military might is, to the people of the USA and other countries.
  • In 1947 on July 26 President Truman created the unification of the four services and caused the creation of the National Military Establishment.
  • In 1949 this was replaced with the Department of Defense.
  • In 1949 the secretary of defence announced on August 31 there would be one armed forces day, not four individual ones.
  • President Truman proclaimed on February 27 that the first celebration of Armed forces day will be on May 20, 1950, and will demonstrate the progress of the American military might to be ready for any eventuality by uniting land, sea and air defences.
  • May 20, 1950 – The first Armed Forces day is celebrated with more than 10,000 troops marching in Washington and B-36 bombers flying overhead.

Amazingly armed forces facts about the first Armed Forces Day also include the participation of over 36,000 people in a parade through New York. There were air shows, parades and celebrations across America signifying how important the armed forces are.

Here are some other amazing armed forces facts:

  • 30 presidents have served in the US army, 24 of these were during a time of war. George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower both became 5-star generals while Teddy Roosevelt gained the Medal of Honor.
  • One of the first supercomputers for the Department of defence as created from 1,760 PlayStation 3’s!
  • There are currently 1.8 million active service men and women.
  • There are 737 military installations owned and operated by the US government in foreign territories.
  • The last time the US declared war was actually 1942, although there have been close calls since.
  • The Department of Defense uses a colossal 4,600,000,000 gallons of fuel every year!
  • Serving personnel in a designated combat zone are not liable for federal income tax; a small perk!