Flights For Military To Qatar: How To Make The Most Of A Stopover

Qatar has become a popular tourist destination, presenting itself as a great place to vacation or the perfect place to stopover between destinations. The next time you grab flights for military to Qatar you should consider checking out the following sights:


This is the capital city of Qatar and home to the impressive National Museum of Qatar. Inside this building is a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the country and some inspirational glimpses of the future.

You should also check out the Museum of Islamic Art. The building itself is on its own island and impressive to look at. It’s home to an impressive array of Islamic artefacts that have been collected from across the world.

Don’t forget to check out the manmade island, known as The Pearl. It’s almost4 million square meters of land and is home to a thriving expat community, as well as some impressive yachts and great places to eat and drink.

The Desert

If you’re in Qatar you need to check out the desert. It may be barren but it is surprisingly tranquil and stunningly beautiful.

This is the place that has inspired hundreds of pets and artists across generations. You may well find your own inspiration here.

You should also check out the inland sea, Khor Al Adaid; literally, an adrenaline-fuelled oasis in the middle of the desert.

Al Jassasiya

You’ll need a car with good navigation to explore this part of the country. There are approximately 900 Neolithic rock carvings to admire while you work out what the meaning of these petroglyphs are. You’ll have hours of fun finding all of them.

Al Zubarah

Head to the very northern tip of the country and you’ll find Al Zubarah. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only one in Qatar.

Here you’ll find a building that was created in 1934 and stands as a testimony to the Qatar that used to be. It was one of the largest fishing and pearling ports in the world. Check out the small museum inside this building to get a glimpse of the world that once was.

The next time you find flights for military to Qatar as an option on your itinerary you should consider grabbing them; there’s plenty to see and experience in this impressive country; even if you’re only there for a day or two.