Would an Island Make a Good Gift?

Image from: Vladi Private Islands

Okay… I was thinking, what would be the ultimate gift for travelers…outside of reasonably priced tickets from Militaryfares.com?  Answer:  An island!  So, yes … we took a look at different sites on the internet that actually listed Islands for sale (…smh as if actually being in the market for one. Lol) As you would expect, many cost millions of dollars.  But, surprisingly some were relatively inexpensive.

Since it is the holiday season, I thought this could be a fun post and have listed sites and several properties below with additional links.  Technically, traveling to locations looking for something to buy could be something to do–if you were inclined to spend money like that.  I guess it would be sort of like taking a weekend to go check out a house to purchase, …only it would be an island instead.  (A whole island.)

The question now is, where would you like to look… the Caribbean, the continental U.S. or somewhere far, far away?

If you are interested in a Caribbean Island, the site, Vladi lists several islands that are quite beautiful and are located here—Private Islands for Sale in the Caribbean.  (This site seems to be creditable.  But of course as with buying anything, you want to make sure that it’s actually being sold to you and not you and 27,000 other “yous” in some kind of scam.)  Note: the site also lists Islands you can rent.  Yes, renting an island is also a ‘thing’.

If you are interested in a U.S. Island, Private Islands for Sale in the U.S.A. is a great link to check out.  These are a list of islands either in the sounds or off the coasts of states in the U.S.  Those would probably be the islands for me!  I want to get away…but not really. 😉

Would you like to see a collection of islands for sale from all around the world?  Then visit this link! Private Islands for Sale Around the World.

Image from: Vladi Islands site
Image from: Vladi Islands site

It might include some of the properties you’ve seen, but a second look hurts no one.  I have this has been an enjoyable virtual adventure for you!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  To all military members and their families …Thank you!!  Be safe and enjoy the season.  Safe Travels.



Private Islands for Sale: https://www.privateislandsonline.com/search?availability=sale

Private Islands: Vladi Site