MilitaryFares – Discover The Top Nine Travel Destinations

Serving your country is a full-time job; you barely have time to consider your own needs or those of your family.

That’s why you need your vacation time; an opportunity to avid military flights and escape to paradise with your family; even if only for a week or two.

Take a look at these top ten travel destinations and book your next vacation now. It doesn’t matter if you use military flights or conventional ones; just get there!


  • The Caribbean


Pick almost any of the resorts on the stunning Caribbean islands and you’ll find a host of activities for adults and kids alike.

Rent a boat, enjoy the white sandy beaches or simply retire to the bar and enjoy the all-inclusive package and free entertainment!


  • Try Skiing


Even if you’ve never been skiing before this can be a great vacation for your family. The resort is Snowbird; Utah is exceptionally popular with military families.

You don’t just have to try skiing, ice-skating, sledging, snowshoe tours and even snow tubing are all possible.

Or visit in the summer and enjoy the stunning scenery!


  • Disney World


This is one place that needs no introduction and is a must at least once in your child’s life. Just watch their face as you take them around the park; that’s all the reward you need.


  • Williamsburg


This may seem like a surprising choice but it is actually very popular with military families.

The fact that it’s not far from many military bases avoids the need for long military flights; you can just start relaxing.

This area is steeped in history and has a wide variety of activities for children and adults. You can even learn a little history while you’re there.


  • Seoul, Korea


Despite the late military tension, this remains a fantastic place to visit; especially if you are currently stationed overseas.

Seoul is a vibrant, bustling city which oozes Korean culture and an impressive nightlife. It even has four UNESCO World Heritage sites!