Military Flight Tickets For Food Festivals

Food is an essential part of living but there is a huge difference between surviving and enjoying your food. In fact, food well prepared is a reason for a celebration in itself. Perhaps that is why it is central to so many festivals around the world.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to use your military flight tickets for something different then you need to check out these food festivals:

Feast of St Anthony, Lisbon

Get cheap flights, military or otherwise to Lisbon and witness a festival that started in the 13th century.

It happens every year on the 12th and 13th June. You’ll find an abundance of street parties with a pile of sardines and basil. The festival uses young wine and there’s plenty of it!

If you want a little extra you can always check out the culture and history of this ancient city.  

Spargelfest, Germany

This is simply the festival of the asparagus. But this is not just any asparagus; this is the pale white version that is often referred to as white gold.

There’s plenty of music, an opportunity to hike in the beautiful countryside and an array of beverages to try; this is Germany after all!

You can even check out the half-ruined Renaissance castle at Aldstadt before using your military flight tickets to get you back home.

Chile Festival, Hatch Valley, New Mexico

Hatch is a tiny town in New Mexico but it is also the border of the Hatch Chile plant; which runs alongside the Rio Grande.

2,000 inhabitants welcome 30,000 visitors every Labor Day to enjoy the Chile festival.

Of course, you can attempt the chile eating competition or you can simply enjoy the different flavours as the chillies are added to a huge variety of different dishes.

Don’t forget to check out the Gila National Forest and the New Age enclave of Truth or Consequences before you head home.

Alba Truffle Fair, Italy

Truffles are known for their expensive price tags; you’ll need your cheap military flight tickets! This festival happens every weekend between mid-October to mid-November. You can sample hundreds of different types of truffle and check out the local chocolate; while enjoying the local wine.

RumBahamas, The Bahamas

This festival is designed to celebrate the days of pirates. As the name suggests you’ll be seeing rum everywhere.

The festival is housed in Fort Charlotte which was built by the British to protect their wealth; although never used.

This is a true festival of parties, music and a host of rums. Try every one and see what you can remember in the morning!

Skreifestivalen, Norway

Norway is the home of the cod and you’ll be surprised at how delicious this fish can taste when caught and cooked fresh with their traditional recipes.

The festival runs for 3 days in March where you can experience deep sea fishing, local crafts and sample the fish in as many different ways as you wish.

Before you grab military flight tickets to take you home you should drive the E10 highway which links all the tiny islands; it’s an experience like no other.

Sarmentelles de Beaujeu, France

France is known for its high-quality wine. In fact, Beaujeu was the capital of the Beaujolais wine region.  What’s surprising is that this wine ferments for just 6 weeks before it can be drunk.

On the 2nd Wednesday of November, a party kicks off to celebrate the wine being ready. Be prepared to dance and drink for 5 days straight.