Take Military Flights To Cape Town And Try These 20 Things!

There is no doubt that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world but you have to be prepared for all seasons. It has been known to rain, hail, be windy and baking hot in one day!

Once you’ve got your military flights to Cape Town sorted and packed a full assortment of clothes you can try these venues:



This is one of the most famous mountains in the world and one you simply have to visit at least once in your lifetime.


  • Boulders Beach Penguin Colony


Go to the farthest end of this beach and get in the water. Then wait to experience penguins swimming right next to you; magical.


  • Kalk Bay


Try out art galleries boutique shops and a host of other family venues. This is a great place to visit to keep all the family happy.


  • District 6 Museum


This museum is dedicated to telling the tale of a mixed-race society which was torn apart by apartheid.


  • Mzoli’s Place


Join other tourists, celebs and even the locals in this butchery and restaurant that allows you to buy fresh meat, cook it and enjoy it!


  • Robben Island


This museum was the prison of many famous people; including Nelson Mandela. You’ll be shocked by the facts and touched by the personal renditions.


  • Company’s Garden


The first gardens planted by the Europeans were on this site and were named after the Dutch East India Company.

They’ve been updated and are a fantastic example of landscaping.


  • Slave Lodge


The Dutch East India Company built a lodge in 1679 for its slaves to live in. When you see the building you’ll need to consider that there were up to 9,000 people in it at one time.


  • Cape Wheel


This is a 40 meter high Ferris wheel that will give you fantastic views of the city.


  • The Old Biscuit Factory


This is the site of the trendiest weekend market in South Africa and was once a cookie factory; definitely worth a try.


  • The Promenade


As its name suggests this is a chance to walk along the Atlantic coast from Sea Point to Mouille Point. Enjoy the scenery and experience the sun setting across the city.


  • Bo-Kaap


This is the picture postcard image of Cape Town you’ve probably already seen. You’ll also find a huge multicultural community as many freed slaves moved here.


  • Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden


At the bottom of Table Mountain is a garden that houses all the plants that are unique to Cape Town; you’ll be surprised at how long it takes to see them all.


  • Chapman’s Peak


This is the classic winding road with a drop that plunges straight down the cliff into the ocean below. It has o be seen to be believed.


  • The Labia Theatre


This is the oldest cinema in Cape Town and is largely original. You can see foreign films, classics and art shows here.


  • The Fugard Theatre


This is also in district 6 and has 1 cinema and 2 performance stages.  You can also enjoy a drink on the roof bar!


  • Spier Wine Farm


You can’t visit South Africa without taking a look at one of the best-known wine farms on the Cape. As well as getting a new appreciation for the wine you’ll be able to enjoy some great food and an impressive collection of art.


  • Franschhoek


Just an hour outside the city you’ll find this small town which has become one of the most famous destinations for food lovers in the world.

You might be surprised at the chefs and wines you discover here.


  • Mount Nelson Hotel


Try the high tea at this exclusive hotel. It is one experience you’ll never forget.


  • Marco’s


Enjoy some dancing at Marco’s; the entire range is covered. But before you dance try the food; it’s as traditional as you’ll experience anywhere in South Africa.

You can get military flights to Cape Town and experience all of this at any time of the year without having to spend a fortune.