Quito: Hmmm… Let’s take a Look!

Image: Quito video
Image from: Quito video

Someone took a trip to Sao Paulo…but, we’re going to take a look at the Quito stop!    It was interesting to see all the information out there.  If you are considering travel to South America, it might just be the place for you.

It’s comparable to several modern cities in the U.S. and the trip might surprise you in that it seems to be quite affordable.  The population of Quito is around 2.6 million and it’s the second largest city in Ecuador…as well as being its Capital.  People from all over the world travel and retire there.  With parks, recreation and beautiful scenery–it should definitely be a serious consideration for a destination to visit during the winter months.

It has embassies, immigration offices and an International Airport to make life there a bit more pleasant should you consider staying there for a while.  On the International Living web site, they report that you can take a taxi anywhere in town for less than $10!…(can you say Uber?)  They also report that you can get a soup and salad four-course meal for less than $5 generally, but there are gourmet restaurants in the area that will cost more if you’re in the mood for elegant dining.  Did I also mention they have high speed internet in most places around the city… and they even have senior discounts? Wait… yep that’s right.  (I had to stop writing and check to make sure I was still writing about a place outside of the good old U.S. of A.)

Image from: Quito video
Image from: Quito video

But yes, this seems like quite an interesting place to visit; and for some, even a place they’ve considered for retirement.  What really impressed me was the fact that you can rent a place there at fairly decent prices… starting at $400.  I that that was pretty good.  The research also mentions about taking some precautions and consider how to secure your valuables as you travel around and at the hotels…but that’s pretty much what you would do everywhere –right?

Having said that, I thought overall Quito was well worth mentioning and writing about for this edition of our blog post.  Be sure to visit the links below  (including the video link).  I’m sure there might be a ton of other YouTube videos as well.  This was just to get you started.  😉  If you need tickets, you know where to look!  www.MilitaryFares.com And as always … Safe Travels!


Quito Resources

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Video#1:  https://youtu.be/YvjDH8ElY2g

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