Resorts: Seward Resort – Alaska


Some people like to keep cool during the summer.  So, with this post, we head to Alaska!  This time we’ll take a look at the original site of Fort Raymond during World War II, which is now known as Seward Military Resort-Alaska.

People now visit the Seward Resort for many reasons;  and because it’s a travel destination with many things to offer.  It’s a campground, fishing spot, and tourist attraction.  On the Seward Resort website, they go into detail about attractions and various activities; but here, we’ll mention below several of the various tours and activities that will available when you get there.

If you are interested in water activities they have Deep Sea Fishing, River and Fly fishing, Whitewater Rafting, and Wildlife and Glacier cruises.  For the outdoor type, they have Dog sledding, Horseback Riding, Overnight Wilderness tours, and Scenic trips… an opportunity to take great photos!  Other activities available are the Aerial Tours (by plane or helicopter), Ice Climbing and Hiking, and visits to the Public Aquarium and Research Center (you may need to check for availability of activities

Image: Seward Resort
Image: Seward Resort

during certain times of the year).  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Zip-lining, Kayaking, and riding the Alaskan Railroad… That sounds like fun, right?  If you have time you really might consider asking about their Special Event Trains… it might be worth your while.

For a trip to Seward, if you take the time to plan well—it appears you could really take advantage of a lot of great deals.  For those of you who are detailed oriented, this is a link to their FAQ ( Facts and Frequently Asked Questions) page.  It covers a variety of information from making reservations to what to wear on a local cruise once you get there.

We also like to share some of the histories about each military resort/lodge that we write about so this is the background about Seward Military Resort aka Fort Raymond.

According to their history, Fort Raymond was established in 1940 and deactivated in 1944.  During that short period of time, Fort Raymond was home to over 3,200 soldiers from Infantry, Quarter Master, Military Police, Medical Corps, and Engineer occupational skills.  After deactivation, the fort was converted into a military recreation area.  The Quonset huts remained as part of the recreation campsite and were rented to guests until the new resort was constructed in 1996.

Fort Raymond was named after Captain Charles Raymond, of the Corps of Engineers.  He was sent to Alaska in 1869 to determine the location of Fort Yukon.  After officially determining that Fort Yukon was in fact positioned in Alaska, he claimed it as United States territory and ordered that the British Hudson Bay Company Post vacate the site.

Fort Raymond was the main post in Seward during World War II.  Its purpose was to protect Seward City, the rail terminus, and the harbor facilities.  Initially, the camp was all tents and in May of 1942 the first buildings went up.  Today, tourists and visitors visit some of the older structures as they explore the history of the facility.  Do you think you’d like to visit Seward Resort?  Or, find out more?  Check out our resource links below and be sure to check for tickets!