Special Leave Accrual For Military Personnel

Congress enacted the right of military leave under Federal Law, permitting military personnel to receive paid recreational time off from duty. Each month, service members accrue 2 ½ calendar days of leave. They are permitted to accrue up to 60 days and they lose the excess at the end of the September 30 fiscal year unless they qualify for special leave accrual (SLA).
Service members are eligible for SLA if one of several circumstances prevents them from taking accrued leave. Circumstances include being deployed to a national-level operational mission for 60 consecutive days or longer. Another qualifier is being deployed or assigned for 60 days or more to supporting, headquarters, or unit staffs when involvement supporting an operational mission prohibits the use of leave.
Being deployed to an imminent danger or hostile-fire pay area for at least 120 consecutive days and receiving special pay for at least four consecutive months is the final qualifying situation. In some cases, this deployment may include two fiscal years. Up to 30 days of SLA may be granted if one of these situations occurs.
When it comes time to take regular or SLA leave, service members receive military discounts for airline tickets to popular destinations. They use these discount airline tickets to visit friends and family, explore new areas of the world, or just relax off base to recharge themselves. Both one way and round trip airfares are available at reduced prices, allowing military personnel to customize their leave.
In certain circumstances, service members may request an extension of SLA or military leave. They must include a reason for the extension, length of extension, status of their leave account, and the expiration of term of service. Military personnel should click here to find a military discount airline ticket to use during their next leave period.

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