Travel Update to the Caribbean #Puerto Rico

Caribbean Door Puerto Rico

Caribbean travel anyone?  Are you wanting to go to caribbean places like Puerto Rico but aren’t quite sure about the travel status and situation?  Check out a page we’ve found to update you about traveling to Puerto Rico and other locations in the Caribbean!

As you know, Puerto Rico and other Islands were heavily damaged during the last hurricane season.  The bad news is there is still recovery going on.  The good news is, they are open for business and ready to receive travelers.  We have included a link here that has a list of hotels and other businesses that are ready to accommodate you during your visit.  It’s the winter travel season there and more than 100 hotels are open and operating!  Link:

There was an official press release (link also listed on the page link listed above) that declares that major tourism attractions have been cleaned up and restored.   Ground transportation is also operational.  So services like taxis are readily available.  As usual, we encourage you to call to confirm availability and as always, check our site for tickets at … Happy Travels!