Airline Tickets: Military Discount To USA & Check Out the Wildflowers

You may not want to admit that you’re using airline tickets with military discounts to the USA in order to check out the wildflowers. But, it’s a valid use for your discounted tickers and there are plenty of places you should and can visit to enjoy the wildflowers.

The great thing about wildflowers and the size of the USA is that you can virtually always find some just about to bloom. That’s because the climate can change so dramatically from one side of the country to the other.

Carrizo Plain

This quiet valley in California is an impressive sight in late March and April when the wildflowers gradually encompass the entire valley. Even on an average year, you’ll be impressed, but, visit on a super bloom year and your mouth will hit the floor.

It’s a carpet of yellow, purple, white, and an array of other colors.

Crested Butte

Check out Colorado and you’ll find the Rockies have a story to tell even in the spring. Crested Butte is a small town in the mountains that hosts a wildflower festival every July; this is when the blooms reach their peak but you won’t be disappointed f you visit before or after this period.

The festival has flowers aplenty and a variety of culinary and artistic talents on display. You’ll feel like you’re in a painting!

Mt. Rainer

The mountain may dominate this Washington National Park but if you visit in July and August you’ll find that the picture-perfect postcard is enhanced with a bed of flowers in the foreground.

Pink calypso orchids mix with white Indian pipes, bear grass, and even purple gentians. You’ll be able to smell the array of aromas as you appreciate the beauty of the individual wildflowers.

Great Smoky Mountain National Pak

You’ll find nine species of azaleas and rhododendron in the Great Smoky Mountains which flower in April and May at the lower elevations and in June at the higher elevations.

Of course, that’s just a few of the wildflowers you’ll find in these mountains.

Hill Country

A quick military discounted flight to Texas will see you surrounded by bluebonnets. It doesn’t matter if you start in Austin or the other end of the state, you’ll see bluebonnets everywhere.

Don’t forget to check out the Bluebonnet festival in Burnet during April; you can even join a guided tour around the Highland Lakes to see the bluebonnets mixed with coreopsis and Indian paintbrush.

Cranberry Glades

This is the place to go if your interest is directed toward carnivorous plants. The Cranberry Glades in West Virginia are massive bogs with a boardwalk between sections of them.

From the boardwalk, you’ll see the sundews, pitcher plants, purple fringed orchids, cranberries, (surprise!), and marigolds.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

The desert may not be the first choice for wildflowers but you need to see this to appreciate it. There are actually thousands of visitors to this part of California to see the desert floor covered in magenta, purple phacelias, dune primrose, and desert lilies.

You don’t need to wait any longer! Grab airline tickets military discount to the USA and enjoy the wildflowers.