The Virgin Islands – A Desirable Vacation Destination Again!

The hurricane that hit the Virgin Islands in late 2017 did a lot of damage to the infrastructure. The islands are working hard to rebuild their attractiveness and reputation. So far the Virgin Islands seem to be succeeding. Whether you can get military flights or commercial; it’s time to consider making this your next destination.

Airport Ready

The Terrance B Lettsome International airport is now offering commercial evening flights again; you can now visit the Virgin Islands from San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua or even St. Maarten with Cape Air, Seaborne airlines and InterCaribbean Airways.


There are a host of hotels and resorts which have opened their doors to visitors again. Many of them are offering a VIP service for your entire stay; allowing you to experience the very best that the Virgin Islands have to offer.

This package even includes fast arrival and immigration to allow you to make the most of your stay.

You can even get vouchers to use at local restaurants and other establishments; helping the community to rebuild this awesome destination.

A few businesses, such as Peter Island resort and Rosewood Little Dix Bay have already announced they won’t be open in 2018. But most of the other hotels and restaurants will be open for business.

Try Yacht Charters

If you’re looking for a different kind of vacation then the Virgin Islands may be the best place for you to experience yacht chartering. This has always been one of the foundations of the tourist trade in the Virgin Islands. At the moment you can book a charter at a discounted rate to help the charter businesses get back on their feet.

Even the ferries have started to run again; allowing you to see all that these islands have to offer.

You can use Conch Charters, Dream Yacht Charter, Horizon Yacht Charters, Sunsail, The moorings or TMM Yacht Charters.

Infrastructure Issues

It’s worth noting that glass and wood are very limited; the hurricanes destroyed most of what was there. This is slowing up the recovery process but many industries are adapting. For example, the boating industry is stripping boats damaged by the storms and repurposing the wood to ensure everything you need is available when you visit the Virgin Islands.

It’s worth noting that the diving industry seems relatively unaffected, you can experience the thrills under the water in a variety of places, including a historic naval ship off the coast of Virgin Gorda.

Perhaps best of all is that your vacation to the Virgin Islands will be helping them to continue to rebuild, while you enjoy a little discount; helping your funds go further.