When Emergencies Occur During Military Leave Abroad

After spending time finding a discounted airline ticket and booking a hotel stay abroad, the last thing a service member wants to encounter while on leave is an emergency. However, the nature of an emergency means that advance warning is not provided. If service members find themselves in an emergency while on leave abroad, they should contact the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
The Bureau of Consular Affairs provides contact information for these consulates and embassies on its website. This bureau is a division of the U.S. Department of State and plays a role during overseas crises. Actions taken are based on the nature of the crisis, ranging from providing information to recommending that U.S. citizens evacuate the country in crisis.
On January 24, 2012, a Worldwide Caution was issued by the Department of State. Its purpose was to provide updated information regarding the continued threat of violence and terrorist actions worldwide against U.S. interests and citizens. Information obtained by the Department of State suggests that terrorist organizations are planning attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
A terrorist attack is not the only emergency that service members may encounter when using regular priced or military discounted airline tickets to a foreign country. Natural disasters like hurricanes can strike without warning. Before embarking on travel abroad, military personnel should read the U.S. Department of State travel alert regarding the 2012 hurricane and typhoon season.
Service members should also make a note of the telephone number for the Office of Overseas Citizens Services, which is part of the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs. This office can provide assistance for emergencies and can be reached from any country. After brushing up on emergency preparedness, military personnel should click here to find a military discount airline ticketabroad.

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